Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Designers Focus: It's in the Cut!

Chalk Magazine

Jeans are definite must have for every girl. Finding the right pair is hard enough, more or les something that fits you perfectly. In comes Ino T. Caluza Jr. a.k.a. the jeans engineer of the local fashion industry and innovator of Viktor Jeans. An answered prayer for us girls! Wondering why? It’s Because he does custom-made jeans. Your fit, your style. Who could ask for more?

Why did you decide to design and make jeans?
It began when I wanted to buy imported designer jeans that cost around Php 9,000.00. When I withdrew money from the ATM, I realized how much money I had and that it’s too expensive for jeans. Because of that, I decided that why not make one instead. So, I did a detailed research on jeans first, --- materials, fabric, different ways on how it’s made. I realized that the secret in having a good pair of jeans is it’s got to be the right fit.

How did you start?
I was a graphic designer before I became a “jeans engineer.” After doing research, I started on what I called the “alpha test” – I made the first 25 pairs of jeans for my officemates and close friends and got their feedback about it. Next is the “beta phase” – extended to friends of my friends. The next phase is the “kappa mode” versions where I had clients from the society and the fashion industry.

What is your trend forecast for the upcoming season?
Metallic things on jeans-rivets, zippers and the like. A variety of dark and rigid denim. Skinny jeans will be the next silhouette after bootcut. The trousers are back as well. Mens trouser but sexier. It’s one size bigger, and has a more relaxed fit.

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