Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Made-to-Order Style Staple

Patrick Tejada

Short of getting surgery, how do we get a behind like that of Jennifer Lopez or the engineered hug of David Beckham’s hips inside our own jeans? One possible solution is ordering jeans that are custom-made to flatter our assets, and yes, there is a thriving industry in Metro Manila that satisfies our search for the perfect fit.
Made-to-order jeans have been in the Philippines since the 1970s. However these were mainly replications (i.e. imitations) of branded jeans, with only a few details added. Nowadays, custom fit jeans are more stylish and highly original, even more than those sold off the rack.
One of the more popular custom-fit jeans is the Viktor Jeans line created by Ino Caluza. Viktor Jeans has thirteen variants in the V series with fourteenth coming soon, all of which are basic designs that clients can customize. There is the VX series which is limited edition: that is, only fifty pairs are made per VX design and can be acquired by reservation only. Then there is the ultra-exclusive “one-of”—a pair designed and executed exclusively for a particular person.
To create a perfect fit, Ino Caluza schedules an initial and final fitting with clients. The first fitting is for recording all appropriate measurements. Then he discusses what fit would enhance or camouflage the client’s anatomical blessings or limitations. According to Caluza, Filipinos in general carry a generous hip and less-than-full posterior. Here, he uses his precision cutting to help wearer and the viewer forget such imperfections.
By far the most creative and fun phase of the process of customization:the client’s imagination is the limit.
Except for the signature V on the back pockets, each Viktor jeans is unique. Stitching for all variants can be customized. For instance, an all-red scheme could be used as motif: red stitching for the signature V on the back pocket, as well as the stitching at the seams. Rivets could also be customized for a contrast in colors. With the V2 series, the color of the belt slot on the front pocket should be customized. The v7 shares the customization possibilities, and with front pocket rivets, the color combinations become more pronounced.
It is with his VX series that Ino Caluza plays with design. VX1 main characteristics is it’s hidden seams, which he calls hid Yin version, as opposed to the Yang of VX2, which exposes its seams. VX3’s details are all made of leather, including the signature V. But by far the most embellished, and glittering of them all is VX4, whose design is highlighted by by the use of Swarovski beads.
So, how much for all this style? Let’s just say that the price tag is directly proportional to the satisfaction of seeing and wearing finished pair of Viktor Jeans. For P3500 to 5000 big ones, one can strut around knowing that his or her back view is worth a second look.

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