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We just got back from Pampanga to knock out the photoshoot and finally got a decent wifi connection to do a post. A couple of days ago, we went to Viktor to purchase my very own custom selvedge five pocket denim and also to meet with Ino (Victorino Caluza) for a little meeting of the minds. We had the pleasure of interviewing him so keep an eye open for that video in the near future. Ino (who obviously has a great taste in architecture judging from his shops) is a selfmade success story if you ever heard of one. He started his business literally from the ground up with only 2k pesos (about $40) capital. Two stores and a heap of superstar clienteles later, Viktor is now the denim capital of the Philippines (in my own humble opinion) and truly the cream of the crop. I say this not because elites flock his boutiques on the daily, but because of his attention to detail and quality of his product. Aside from denim, Viktor also produces cut and sew pieces that are a cross between DR. Romanelli and Rick Owens, not too shabby. The new addition to their line ups is a line called Vik which deserves more than a gander so check it out here. We also discussed a future project between Viktor and Bottom Shelf and the only thing I can say is "anticipate this one because it will be a banger". It will obviously have something to do with the word DENIM. You can follow posts from their website here, but for now, enjoy the short strand of images we've captured from that day. Come follow.

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