Friday, May 6, 2005

Designer Genes (Excerpt)

Jackie O’Flash/Philippine Star
Bea J. Ledesma

It all began, really with a 15-year-old. There was a seminal moment in early 80’s when every single girl above the age of 12 wanted to look a certain way—with tousled hair, lean body, sex kitten-pout and the jeans that look like tghey were glued on….

YStyle asked several local designers to come up with their own pair of bespoke jeans, with results ranging from Puey Quinones’ hippie low-waist version with hand-stitched-details to Joey Samson’s punk interpretation, which uses reverse denim fabrics that creates a grainy stripe effect.

…Designer denim is not new to Manila’s shores, what with Ino Caluza’s line of jeans called Viktor, which comes in variety of washes – you can choose the fabric, from white denim to hot pink --- and accessorized with bright red V at the back.

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