Friday, August 17, 2007

Future Looks Perfect

Circuit Training by JR Isaac

The recently launched Motorola concept store provided experience, service and sales to customer in an environment of cutting-edge design and high technology. It raises the the total consumer experience to a new level, offering customers heightened interaction. The after sales service is more accessible as well, and the brand has a dedicated sales station and moto agents who cater to a customer's specific needs. The Motorola concept store has a characteristic lok that is innovative and stylish, with the very front and center of the store highlighting the latest fromo Motoroa: the sleek Moto KRZR K3, as well as the Moto KRZR in fabulous colors such as black, blue, red, silver and gold.

How would you describe your shopping habits?

It revolves around the idea of collecting specific items. I'm not into current trends or fads. I go for classic designs that last a lifetime, from my collections of vintage buckled belts and tees to boxers to my current obsession now: classic sneakers. For the past month, I've been collecting a lot of all-white trainers but lately I've been buying a black and colored ones too. I'm partial to Adidas, Vans, Converse, Puma and Nike -- I don't go for designer labels. I will probably go for classic modern chairs next, given the right budget

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