Friday, August 17, 2007

Denim Invasion

Philippine Star
August 17, 2007

By: DJ Montano

Ino Caluza, the maven behind Viktor jeans, has become quite the household name for custome tailored jeans in the country. I even have friends around Asia who had pairs made by Ino. He has expanded his denim empire to include blazers, shirts and accessories. There are virtually hundreds of combinations one can choose when customizing your Viktor denims -- fabric, fit wash, style, accent..

Ino will soon embark on creating a new label called Lord Viktor which will offer more tailored suits and jackets for the lady and the gentleman who prefer a more normal look but still want to retain the rugged edge and fit of Viktor. Come September vik will be launched--a label that is hipper and will cater more to a younger set. This very dynamic designer even has plans to launch a denim labek for kids next year, which he will most likely call Viktorino.

Vests are definitely in again for this season. If you got the arms for it, wear it sleeveless. Otherwise, a nice fitted tee or top will do. I love the satin detailing that Ino added to the pockets. The vest is made more masculine with military shoulder straps,

This pair makes a nice contrast with the vest. White jeans make the perfect lower canvas for most any kind of top. Finding it hard to match with shoes? Sneakers in a solid color work well and so do leather dress shoes or boots. Try not to go for the white jeans and white sneakers match--it has a tendency to look too much like a uniform.

This gold speckled denim jacket will definitely make you sparkle. The single button is so a la mode. Keep jackets to the right length. More often than not, men wear jackets that are too long for them, as in "NBA length" long. The length should just end before the butt line. This jacket carries enough weight in the look-at-me department so keep the shirt you wear inside solid and simple.

Acid blue jeans are such a classic. They can be matched with most suit jackets or go perfectly well with a nice white polo top.

Go big time and go for this gold with shades for this season. This pair especially makes a statement paired with Ino's black motorycyle jacket.

This black wax coated with satin detailing definitely shouts masculinity. The exposed zipper pockets add an interesting detail and provide all the knick knacks that we all need to carry nowadays

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