Thursday, February 12, 2009

Viktor on Singapore's JUICE Magazine


Text Dianna Tai
Images Walter Villa

These days, finding the ideal pair of jeans is no easy feat. It’s all
about the right fit, the right colour and the right everything. But
when all hopes of finding that perfect pair of denim seems bleak,
Philippine-based power designer, Victorino “Ino” Caluza, swings right
by to cover your ass. How? With some amazing designs, devout
dedication to denim, and most importantly, some wicked character.
So behold the birth of his denim project, Viktor (the avant-garde
spelling of his first name).

Having dipped his nimble fingers into garment artistry and
entrepreneurship at a fairly young age (as a kid, he sold cartoon
drawings, ice cream and toys), Ino’s working philosophy is all about
meeting his client’s needs and demands to make them a really
happy bunch. With intense research, a serious jeans collection and
trial-and-error, today, the young Filipino is spearheading a large series
of immaculately refined, razor sharp and smooth sculptural designs
that speak to our modern aesthetics. His collection of denim comes
in four distinct and elegantly labeled series: Viktor Originals (the first
batch of unnumbered denim with 11 series already in its bag), Viktor
Premium (a slightly more detailed collection that comes with its
own production number), Viktor Exclusive (a limited edition line with
only 60 pairs produced to date), and Viktor Supreme (an extremely
labourious series that comes with intricate stitchings and detailing).
But not content with just mass producing season after season of
well-made jeans, the pied piper of denim is also about making
custom fit threads to better suit your individual silhouette. Yes,
he’s taking a trip down to our sunny little island to give you a
consultation, let you have a go at choosing your desired fabric, take
your measurements and then work on your denim over the next two
weeks. With that, it’s no wonder his list of clientele now includes the
likes of celebrities, trend-setters and of course, us here at .

For more on the ready-to-wear and made-to-order denim
collection, web-swing to
or pop on down to
Blackmarket, 19 Jalan Pisang T: 6296 8512,
the exclusive retailer of Viktor, to set an appointment with Ino
Caluza’s measuring tape.


Priscilla said...

Hello Viktor,
I'm from the National University of Singapore and I am in love with your jeans!! The shots of the kids are so cute!

I am looking for noteworthy jeans sponsors for my school's annual Business Pageant, which will be held in august 2009. Was wondering if you will be interested to sponsor our event with your exquisite jeans? I believe that your name could use publicity amongst university students in Singapore for your road to even more fame!

Do mail me at if it tempts you to work with us! I will send you the proposal if you are interested! :)

Mumbai Jeans said...

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