Monday, July 21, 2008


Viktor Jeans: Framing the Edge

If there is one article of clothing that since its invention has been established as a universal must-have, then it would have to be jeans. Over the years, men and women alike have come to acquire jeans, pairing it with a myriad of tops to achieve looks fit for any occasion, from casual to formal. Jeans have definitely become a style stapled in any one’s closet, with its functional and flexible design.

Last July 18, 2008, an edgy and innovative vibe was in the air when Viktor, a designer jeans label that custom-fits and designs each pair of jeans for every individual client, launched its newest line of Viktor Originals at the Atrium of the Podium, with the Zero Inhibitions: The Viktor Originals Exhibit. With the aim to re-invent and introduce pairs of high-quality and form-fitting jeans, Viktor’s makes its customers feel richer, fitter and happier with every pair of Viktor made especially for them.

Using Viktor Originals jeans as inspiration, the creative artworks of eleven outstanding individuals from the industries of fashion, photography, public relations, film, music and journalism were unveiled and featured during this one-of-a-kind launch. Each of the exhibitors, with their sound inventive and artistic intuitions, presented their interpretations of the Viktor Original Jeans, in creative and unconventional poses.

Rajo Laurel, premier fashion designer, made use of a lush green milieu to create a spectacular Lomo-esque look for his piece, working really well with the structure of Viktor jeans. Newspaper columnist Cecile Van Straten also lent her creative vision to the exhibit, using a Comme des Garçons-inspired approach, which showed her unique sense of style and her fondness for freedom. Keren Pascual, PR master, generated a hip and modern look with a brilliant execution, using water as his one-of-a-kind canvas. Divine Lee, model and real-estate heiress, opted to convey the mystery and majesty of Viktor Jeans with the landscape of the historic Stonehenge as her backdrop. Idris Vicuña, film student and performer, provided a punk-ish feel with his Gemini-inspired visual. Frank Hoefsmit, talented fashion photographer, accomplished a three-dimensional effect with the clever use of body contour and shadow. Photographer Dakila Angeles used a pair of Viktor Jeans as his visual centerpiece, utilizing a minimalist effect. Interior designer Anton Barretto drew up a portrayal of sensuality with Viktor Jeans as elements of seduction. Niccolo Cosme, photographer and “headshotmeister,” communicated photographic triumph via a complex interpretation using flight as his visual peg. Freelance fashion photographer Walter Villa, represented youthful edginess by photographing his daughter, wearing Viktor jeans paired with a meaningful gaze. Diether Ocampo, full-time actor and part-time photographer, defined the natural sexiness of Viktor Jeans by highlighting the red hue of the jeans and the alluring and natural beauty of his female model.

Aside from the attention-grabbing photos of the exhibitors, a fashion show, featuring other designs of the Viktor Originals and Viktor Supreme Jeans series, took place.
Guests were then invited to visit the newly renovated Viktor Denim Gallery at the 4th floor of the Podium, to witness more of the classic edginess offered by the designer jeans label.

The guests, notable personalities from the world of fashion, photography and the media, together with Viktor’s loyal clients, especially enjoyed and immersed themselves in the youthful exceptionality of the event, as ice-cold Coke Zero was served during the sumptuous cocktails.

Truly a cutting-edge affair, the Zero Inhibitions: Viktor Originals Exhibit testified to the edgy and unconventional identity that is the genius of Viktor Jeans founder and jeans engineer Victorino “Ino” Caluza, Jr. With Viktor’s impeccable jeans making know-how and consistent ingenuity, the universal jeans transcend the ordinary, affording customers the undeniable satisfaction that comes with each flawlessly flattering Viktor creation.


Frankie said...

Wonderful selection of dresses!! Great!!

INO CALUZA said...

hahaha thanks :)

Sadik said...

hmm.. i wonder if im going to get laid next week.. haha

im getting my first pair of Vik Jeans! cant wait :D

Sadik said...

hmm.. i wonder if im going to get laid next week.. haha

im getting my first pair of Vik Jeans! cant wait :D