Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bag it up, slip them on

Business Mirror
April 23, 2007

Two exciting new fashion stores at The Podium are bringing in fresh ideas and fresh designs into what is considered basic fashion items: jeans and bags. Because they are named after people who could be your best fashionista friend, Viktor Jeans and Lulu Bags have that instant connection to young fashion independents.

Here, Viktor shares with us his thoughts on jeans…and we get a glimpse of Lulu’s chic bag culture at The Podium.

Viktor’s jeans pool

Ino Caluza is the forward-thinking designer behind Viktor Jeans, which is located on the fourth level of The Podium. Viktor comes from his birth name,
Victorino, which he slightly jazzed up for a Russian feel.

The search for perfect pair of jeans often ends at Viktor, where jeans are customized to fit each client so that assets are enhanced and figure flaws are minimized. “I know the frustrations of having jeans that are too tight, too fattening, too long or short, or too low, “ says Caluza.” That’s why I have chosen to specialize in custom-made jeans.”

The fact that skinny , slim-fit and straight-cut jeans are in complicates the matter as “they are not the most forgiving.” That’s why customizing is a cool option. The first step in getting your pair of Viktor jeans is to try on the jeans on display for size and design. Otherwise, these are made according to their measurements. Each pair of jeans comes with a 15-day warranty wherein one can bring them back for adjustments for free.

Interestingly enough, the jean designs are all named Viktor, but each one with distinct fashion character. Jeans in Exclusive collection are exclusively made for a maximum of 50 people, so there’s no clear and present danger of bumping into someone with the same pair. The Supreme collection features touches of leather, along with new pocket designs and stitching that make them a cut above the rest. Original jeans are designed by Ino himself in a classic style, while Vintage give off that retro feel . Meanwhile Premium is highlighted by touches of leather while Classic are slacks cut like denims.

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