Friday, September 1, 2006

Filipino and Proud: VIKTOR Couture Jeans

Cherry Pacheco-Uy
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Question: Why pay P4,000+ for a pair of locally-made jeans, if you can buy an imported pair for less?

Answer: Because a good pair of Viktor can get you laid.

So goes the mantra at VIKTOR, where jeans are custom-designed to fit each client so that figure flaws are minimized, assets enhanced. In fact, each pair of VIKTOR jeans comes with a 15-day warranty: during this period, you can bring your jeans back for adjustments for free. (Beyond 15 days, alterations will be charged a minimal fee of P300.)

VIKTOR is owned by Ino Caluza. Viktor comes from his birth name, Victorino. I changed the c to k to give it a more Russian feel, Ino jokes. Wala lang.

Ino knows the obsession and frustration that comes with finding the perfect pair of jeans. Especially with skinny jeans they are not the most forgiving styleIno can help you with the usual problemstoo tight, too fattening, too long, too short, too low, etc.

The first step in getting your pair of VIKTOR is to try on the jeans on display for size and design. If a pair fits you perfectly, they will use that pattern and you can choose the design. In case you want tweaking, then they will take your measurements. His able sales clerks-slash-models Carlos and Joseph will happily do that for you. Or, if you prefer, you may call the store in advance and set an appointment with Ino himself. Ino suggests that you come in your favorite pair of jeans so that they have an idea of how you want the jeans to fit, or how he can improve the fit of your new pair.

Warning, though, Ino can be very blunt (in a nice way, he claims). If, say, you insist on a particular style or wash that is totally against his religion (elephant pants, bell bottoms, acid-wash), he will not hesitate to say no. Or worse, if, for example you insist on super-skinny jeans, but you have ample saddle bags (as most Asians do), he will point this out and suggest you order a pair that is not too tapered.

90% of his jeans are stretch material, done in a serious and very slimming dark wash. Apart from jeans, he can also make skirts and jackets.

Whats hot now? As you can seevery dark wash, skinny or straight cut. But I can do any style, as long as it pleases both the client and myself.

What makes your jeans special? Its all about the fit. My jeans are couture not because theyre over-embellished but because they are customized to fit. There are unique details (leather cut-outs, zips, etc), but theyre not over-done.

Who buys from you? 60% female, 40% male, aged 25 up. I know my price is a bit steep for teens, that is why Ill be coming up with a younger line, VIK, at the Mall of Asia, very soon. Couture jeans will be priced at P2000-P3000. But I will also be opening a higher-end line, LORD VIKTOR, in Greenbelt 5.

Who would be your dream client? Imelda Marcos? I have made jeans for Mr. & Mrs. Cojuangco and family, so it would be interesting to see what Imelda Marcos would like.
How long does it take to have jeans made? Anywhere from 7 to 15 days. In case you want a rush job (3 days), just add P300.

All the jeans are numbered. The V originals they can make in an unlimited number. The Premiums and Exclusives, on the other hand, are limited. After they reach a pre-determined number, they will stop making the design.

If you want a pair designed exclusively for you, meaning NO ONE else can have that pair, the price starts at P7000 up.

* VIKTOR is located at the 4/L The Podium, San Miguel Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Tel: 631-6440.

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