Friday, June 9, 2006

The Perfect Fit

Luis Carlo San Juan
Ketchup Please Luis!
Philippine Star

One of the frustrations of being “vertically challenged” is that it so hard to find a decent pair of pants. One sees a nice pair in the store, only to be dismayed because it is too long. Even if you cut them, you know it may not fit right.
So for the short guy, it’s a bit more challenging in finding the right pair. Jeans designer Ino Caluza has long seen this problem and has offered a solution : by designing and making custom-made jeans that give the perfect fit.
“I try not to make my jeans too trendy. For these (jeans) may be hot now, but you might end up not wearing it again in the next months because ‘the look’ is out already,” he says. This is why he sticks to the classics. Denims after all are meant to last for a long time.
And there is a certain way of wearing them. He made observations on the way I wore jeans; usually his observations were correct. Like most guys, I suffer from a lot of denim boo boos.
Since there is not much choice of the perfect fit out in the market, a lot of guys settle for jeans that don’t really flatter them. When I was in college days, I stapled the hem of my jeans to keep them from falling off. I own a pair (or was it two?)of those ghastly elephant pants.
Jeans guru Ino Caluza offers some helpful tidbits about wearing denims.

Choosing the right pair

• Tall guys can get away wearing any fit. Short guys should buy straight or semi-straight cut jeans
• Get raw or single-hued denim fabric because the exaggerated fade will bring out the flaws, like bigger legs.
• The tip of the hem should barely touch the floor when you’re barefoot
• Darker denim gives an illusion of height and makes you look slimmer, while lighter ones makes you look fuller.
• The crotch point (laylayan)should be an inch lower from the crotch. Anything lower will make it look saggy.

Caring for your jeans

• Don’t wash your jeans often. Excessive washing causes denim to lose its form.
• You may not wash your jeans for two months or longer (until it start to stink). Hang the jeans inside out, spray it with water, and air it out on the evenings.
• Direct sunlight causes jeans to stiffen and can smell bad.
• Use fabric softener for heavy and stiff denim material
• Never iron your jeans; if you must; use minimal heat.
• Never fold your denims when storing it, just hang it to keep the form.

Ino’s jeans don’t come cheap. The upside is you are wearing a pair worn by the rest of the population. Besides nothing beats the satisfaction of wearing the perfect fit.
Check out Ino Caluza’s jeans at Viktor Jeans store at the 4th level of the Podium Department Store on ADB Avenue in Pasig.

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