Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Made to Measure

Preview/Jan-Feb 2006

Ino Caluza’s made name for himself with his custom-made line Viktor Jeans. We did one-on-one with the elusive designer on what makes them special.

What makes custom-made jeans different?

It’s primarily the fit that makes it special. It’s designed specifically with your own measurements, so it’s flattering in the right places. Plus, there’s that personal touch that comes with every pair unique only to you.

What makes Viktor Jeans special?

First off, the cut is and fit is dependent on your body type, so we adjust details to make your butt more prominent or your legs look like it just got “lipoed”. For fabric, I have around a hundred plus different swatches of denims—from raw to soft and hard denim. I also have a limited edition collection of hard-to-find denim twills, canvass, US cords, and camouflage fabrics. The thread colors can be change to your favorite shade or to match your bag or treasured boots. We use trademark Viktor rivets and buttons, which come in two colors:matte silver and antique copper. All of my jeans feature 100% US red cotton lining.

What do you think is the best cut for any body type?

Semi-boot cut for men and boot-cut for girls. Both tend to elongate Asian built.

Jeans forecast for 2006?

Enough for the exaggerated washes and embellishment! Raw will still be the standard for luxury denim.

Easiest way to personalize an old pair?

Buy a good cheese grater and rub your jeans at the right places. You’ll be surprised at what it cando.

Regular customers?

Fashionable people who don’t mind going through the trouble of having their jeans custom-made, people who cant seem to find the right RTW pair for their body types. Celebs, models, politicians and socialites from Korina Sanchez, Richard and Lucy Gomez to Celine Lopez and Rajo Laurel. My dream customers would have to be Kris Aquino and Bryan Boy.

Bigger plans for Viktor Jeans?

I’m planning to open a shop in a high-end mall somewhere near Megamall and Galleria. I want to go global or Asian-wide perhaps next year. I also want to do a complete series of apparel for the line like bags, tees, belts and underwear.

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