Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vouging with Viktor Jeans

Fudge Magazine/2006

In the beginning all Victorino Caluza Jr. wanted was a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly. The jean-obsessed art director was frustrated by limited picking to be had in Manila, and decided that if he couldn’t find em. He’d have to make his own. Apparently his passion for tailor-made denims was shared by many others who loved how they accentuated positive features and hid flaws, never mind if they were considered pricey by the general populace – the pants were ordered by the sh*tload by celebrities and fashionistas.

Marking a milestone since selling his first series of pants. Viktor Jeans launched its flagship store at the posh Podium last April 8, 2006. Celebrities and guests sashayed up a red carpet and sauntered in for scrumptious cocktails wearing their favorite Viktor apparel with the trademark “V” in the belt loop, stitched on the back pocket or riveted somewhere on a piece of clothing. Encouraged to pose for lensman Walter Villa, everyone one was made to feel like a star, from Tim Yap, Kiko Escora, Rajo Laurel, Nelson Cruz, Leo Posadas, Josephine Knox and an assortment of well-dressed ladies and gents, among whom fashion director Robbie Carmona selected the cream of the crop to strut their stuff—ten of the best-dressed who exemplified the Viktor look and lifestyle.

After the obligatory tossing of lucky coins into the tiny white gallery-like space on the fourth floor, guests filed in, admiring the Spartan and artsy layout, some coveting the white pairs of Viktor Jeans that hung from the rack. “It’s a dream come true,”beams the lean and stylish Caluza, who will be terribly busy for the coming months as orders will be flying in fast for custom-made clothes.

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