Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's all in The Jeans

Karrie Bitanga
Philippine Star

Big thighs, no butt, short legs. These are some of the imperfections women face when trying on a pair of jeans in front of a full-length mirror in retail outlets. Mass-produced jeans don’t flatter the unique body types of every woman and not everyone can afford designer jeans at 10 grand a pair. That’s why many women in Manila found a new alternative in Ino Caluza, the 29-year-old genius behind Viktor Jeans. A former graphic designer, Ino says he wanted to help women feel good about themselves by custom-designing jeans that complement their body types and won’t cost them an arm and leg. In designing jeans for his clients, he prioritizes function and focuses on creating best-fitting pair of jeans, one that perfectly suits the wearer. Today, having custom-made jeans has suddenly become a need for every fashionista and jeans lover in Manila. All of Ino’s clients can’t get enough of his designs and love every stitch and detail on their denims. Sisters Tessa Dragon and Christina Dragon Locsin and cousins Camille Reynoso and Happy Lacson show us why they love Viktor jeans.

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