Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Jeans Therapy

Pamela Y. Ong
Business Day

For Ino T. Caluza Jr., jeans are an indispensable wardrobe staple. The designer behind Viktor, an up and coming design label, see jeans as an avenue for people to look good and feel good about themselves. “A good pair of jeans should flatter your body and conceal your flaws, “ says Ino. His mantra – fitter, richer, happier – encompasses all his designs.
The lack of good quality and form-fitting jeans in the local market prompted Ino to create his own label in October 2003. Through research, he discovered what friends and potential customers wanted in a pair of jeans. His binding conclusion was that a pair of jeans should not only fit well but should also make one feel sexy.
Today, many of his clients come to him with the same goal in mind.
His initial production called “Alpha Test Version” became a hit among friends. More people became interested in his jeans through referrals.
What sets Viktor apart from any other local jean label is it’s signature touches that are uniquely identifiable. These include quality swiveling button that Ino himself swears makes getting in and out of pair of jeans easy, double belt loop for big and small belt bands, blood red pocket linings that put a different spin on a much ignored part of a jean and, of course, the equally recognizable blood red “V” belt loops that serve both functional and aesthetic purpose. Customers can also choose from 30 denim swatches that cover all shades of blue and black, as well as rare red and white.
Coming from computer graphic design,, Ino found the transition from magazine pages to fashion “seamless.” His design principles focus on the aesthetics as well as form. “Without good form, “ he says “ a pair of jeans would not fit right, “ he says.
Though some of his jeans are made of imported denim fabrics from Japan and Italy, most of his fabrics are sourced from Litton Mills, Asia’s biggest manufacturer of high-grade quality denim fabrics. This is the same company, that exports fabrics to Armani, Calvin Klein, Express Jeans, and Guess. The jeans also feature original rivets and buttons customized for the label. Price fro a pair of Viktor start from Php 3,000.
Why invest in a pair of designer jeans by Viktor?
“A good pair of Viktor can get you laid,” Ino jests.

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